National Battleground Historic Lodge & Rostrum

  • Location: Washington, DC

  • Owner: National Park Service

  • Contract Value: $1,040,008

HSU was the prime contractor on this construction renovation and restoration project involving delicate and detailed work to restore and preserve important national treasures.

HSU performed a historic restoration to the lodge and rostrum at the National Battleground Cemetery located in Washington, DC near the location of the battle of Fort Stevens.

The marble rostrum, originally built shortly after the battle in 1864, was badly in need of restoration. HSU performed plaster ceiling and concrete foundation replacement, as well as delicately removing rust stains and other mars from the marble.  This structure is used today to perform annual Memorial Day Services.

The lodge, which was originally used to house the cemetery keeper, was similarly in disrepair.  HSU performed a complete restoration, including replacement of the slate roof, windows, utility upgrades, structural concrete replacement, and interior architectural restoration.