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HSU believes safety is a corporate value and considers accident prevention the greatest importance for our employees, clients, and the public. Safety is the result of methods, personnel, and plans. Good safety indicates that work is managed well and is performed well. It also helps us to retain a quality workforce.

Our corporate policy on safety and accident prevention is based upon the fundamental principle that safety is our priority. Our Corporate Safety Program, in conjunction with the directed USACE EM-385-1-1 Safety and Health Requirements Manual (EM-385-1-1) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, ensures that we make every reasonable effort in achieving 100% accident and injury-free projects.

We have been successful as evidenced by industry awards. HSU Builders has received the 2016 Outstanding Safety Recognition Award. In 2017, HSU Builders received a Corporate Safety Award and our proposed Project Executive received the Outstanding Safety Recognition Award from the Association of General Contractors. Past projects have received the NAVFAC Star of Outstanding Safety. These industry safety awards recognize our company’s demonstrated commitment to safety in the workplace.

Our field supervisors have the required OSHA certifications. Job-specific safety training is held on a regular basis, including the jobsite Toolbox talks, and the specifics for jobsite conditions or work activities.

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