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Our Commitment to Excellence in service is embedded in every project and the specialty subcontractors that we collaborate with share our aspiration. Every HSU project is a success because of the entire team. We want our subcontractors to succeed and we seek top-quality subcontractors in the full spectrum of trades.

HSU has established relationships with many of our subcontractors and we believe that these interactions are strengthened by trusting our partners to follow through on commitments and the integrity they demonstrate in performing disciplined assignments. These actions allow HSU to deliver projects through a collaborative team that is focused on the same objectives and with a commitment to excellence.


Our goal is to identify and retain qualified subcontractors to work on our projects. If you are interested in partnering with HSU as a subcontractor, we would like to hear from you. Please fill in each block of the form and click the Submit button to send your information to our Estimating Team.