• Duration: 18 months

  • Contract Value: $16,307,000

  • Location: Arlington, VA

  • Owner: Washington Headquarters Services

  • Size: 185,000

HSU was the prime contractor on the comprehensive roof repair, replacement, and restoration of the 185,000 sf of the iconic Pentagon roof. This project also included removal and replacement of the roof-top monorail. Extra challenges include materials management, safety, security, and the requirement to reuse as many of the existing antique slate roof tiles as possible.

A total of 150,000 square feet of 1940’s era slate was removed and salvaged and the original wood substrate was demolished back to the concrete deck. HSU painstakingly removed every piece of slate by hand, evaluated its integrity, and carefully stored all usable pieces for later reinstall. Seventy percent of the original slate was usable and later reinstalled onto the finished roof. The exterior “ring” and interior “ring” of the roof was reroofed exclusively with the salvaged slate. This was done so that when viewing the roof from the Pentagon’s interior courtyard or while driving/walking around its perimeter, only the original slate was visible, thus maintaining the historical integrity of one of the world’s most famous landmarks.