• Duration: 7 weeks

  • Location: Dupont Circle

  • Owner: Boston Properties

  • Architects: OTJ Architects

In the construction of Huckleberry Cheesecake Daycare Center, HSU converted an aging bookstore into a fashionable and functional daycare center. The “safe” finishes utilized in the construction included low VOC and sustainable materials; the elimination of any sharp corners and edges; and of course the installation of specially sized and mounted fixtures to meet the needs of small children.

Following a complete demolition, the new space is ADA compliant and includes custom millwork; radial construction of walls, bulkheads, and benches; HVAC upgrades, and door hardware designed to keep the facility secure, while protecting small fingers and toes.

The bold finishes include multiple colors of paint, radial carpet tile, and chalkboard and whiteboard paint.