• Duration: 2 years

  • Location: Fort Meade, MD

  • Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

  • Received the 2011 AGC Interiors Award

  • LEED: Silver

HSU was the prime contractor on this design-build project for a complete remodernization of the tenant space. The project scope included demolition and replacement of all doors and windows; new roofing, flooring, stairways, mechanical system, sprinkler system, new restrooms, new drywall and finishes, new systems furniture to include custom consoles, extensive information technology integration, emergency power back-up systems, and fire suppression pump stations.

The TBUP buildings were compliant to meet DoD Minimum Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) standards. This requirement involved comprehensive Progressive Collapse Design Analysis and extensive technical and structural improvements.

This LEED Silver certified project also included exterior demolition, site work, landscaping, road and parking lot construction.