• Duration: 6 months

  • Location: Washington, DC

  • Owner: Smithsonian Institution

This restoration and renovation project included a myriad of challenges and opportunities. A majority of the time spent on the project was devoted to complicated and detailed millwork that required extreme attention to detail. Expensive and sensitive equipment had to be installed, from 16mm and 30mm reel-to-reel film projectors, to state-of-the-art High Definition 3D digital projectors. The theater was also designed to accommodate persons with disabilities, which required the installation of a MOPIX system for the hearing-impaired, as well as ADA-compliant ramps and seating. An exciting challenge for HSU was the installation and wiring of microphones, cameras, LED lighting, and more than 30 speakers and amplifiers with all of the accompanying equipment housed in racks in the projection booth.