• Duration: June 2017 - December 2017

  • Location: Rockville, MD

  • Owner: Avendra

  • Contract Value: $4,447,809

HSU was the Prime Contractor on this interior renovation for Avendra, a six-story building. This entire building houses a fully supervised automatic fire suppression system. The scope included selective demolition, partitioning, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, ceiling, finishes, and life safety. HSU also ensured the constructing of a two-story communicating stairway between levels 2 and 3.

 The construction completed on the 24,300 Square Feet of level 2 consisted of selective demolition to an existing interior space, a full floor tenant build-out that included: offices, conference rooms, a product testing kitchen, elevator lobby renovation, and a newly constructed 2-story communicating L-shaped stairway with a mid-way landing between levels 2 and 3.

 Level 3, which also consisted of 24,300 Square Feet, was comprised of similar construction to level 2 including interior construction of a full-floor tenant build-out to include: offices, conference rooms, a lunchroom and café, elevator lobby renovation, and the same L-Shaped communicating stairway. All construction was State of Maryland Code Compliant upon completion.

 Prior to demolition, HSU ensured that the correct permits were obtained, special precautions were taken to mitigate dust, and that debris could be removed from the jobsite safely and correctly. Safe personnel egress was always provided for building occupants and traffic—the stairways remained functional at all times. Per contract requirements, selective removal and off-site disposal of damaged carpeting and pats were performed. We removed all debris that did not affect roads, streets, walks, and other adjacent and occupied facilities. In order to control the dust from construction, HSU implemented protective barricades, canopies, and other forms of protective equipment including protective coverings for existing floors.

HSU removed all partitions, outlets, switches, wires, and thermostats as required for electrical work. The removal of cabling switches, conduits pertaining to data and communications including telephone were verified with the phone companies prior to removal. Temporary lighting was provided, as needed. Existing floor mounted outlets were noted to be removed or relocated—after removal these outlets were capped off to the nearest junction box.

 All piping, vents, drains, and appliances within Avendra were not being reused and were removed and disposed of properly. HSU disconnected electrical systems to furniture, subpanels, and AC units. 2 existing supplemental AC units inclusive of all associated piping and supports were discarded.

 At the completion of demolition, construction areas were left in a presentable and clean condition. Carpeted areas were vacuumed, vinyl flooring was mopped at the end of every work day, and all debris and unusable materials were removed and disposed of appropriately.

 Electrical switches, outlet cover plates, and surface hardware was installed after painting and the application of wallcoverings and carpeting. Trim was installed on all fixtures, associated trim, fixture lamps, and seismic bracing, as required. The outlets inside and attached to the cabinetry was installed to match similar conditions on the walls, flooring, and similar fixtures. Box extensions and other appropriate devices were installed, as required. The millwork was coordinated with the location of existing electrical, telephone, and communications outlets as grommets were installed in countertop surfaces to conceal cables.

 At the request of the owner, HSU installed a “living wall” of plants.