700 pennsylvania avenue corridors

  • Duration: April 2018 - September 2018

  • Location: Washington, DC

  • Owner: Eastbanc, Inc.

  • Contract Value: Exceeds $200,000

HSU was the Prime Contractor in this Design-Bid-Build project for the Eastbanc, Inc in the 700 Penn Building. We provided the Contract Administration, Project Management, Design Oversight, Scheduling, Site Supervision, Quality Control, Safety, Millwork, Metals, Electrical, and Painting. HSU managed multiple efforts simultaneously from project initiation to project close-out.

HSU provided new interior drywall partitions to define the multi-tenant corridor on the 3rd floor. HSU installed new HVAC, lighting, electrical equipment. Tempered glass double doors with mag locks were provided on both sides of the elevator lobby. Carpet floor throughout the corridor and stone tile flooring were installed on the elevator area. Elevator Plam panels with stainless steel trim were displayed on the lobby area; LED light strips were added to accentuate the panels. This project was to draw out door space to the Jackson National. HSU obtained permits via DCRA.

We communicated with our client regularly via weekly progress meetings. Our office utilized a formal daily roll call process where field management report daily status to project managers. Project status was escalated to Senior Management on each assignment. Daily plans of action were discussed and documented. Outcomes from this roll call process resulted in client communication regarding progress, issues, and feedback. Our project managers were actively engaged in daily or weekly meetings as the primary point of contact for the contracting officer or contracting officer technical representative.

Eastbanc, Inc. required the construction of an interior multi-tenant corridor on the 3rd Floor of their 700 Penn Building. The corridor needed to accommodate the 3rd Floor’s first tenant, Jackson National, whose office was scheduled to be operational by July 2018.

 The interior renovation of this 1,500 Rough Square Foot corridor consisted of simple demo and relocation of existing HVAC, electrical work. Registers, Grills, and Diffuser’s and additional duct work was provided. No plumbing was required. Multi-use floor and common corridor goes around shaft of building.

 New interior drywall laid out the corridor throughout the whole floor, point up required on existing partitions to remain, such as bathroom/elevator areas. The elevator lobby was the focus of the design. It featured metallic laminate panels that framed the (4) elevator entrances. LED light strips provided panel depth, while the 15 feet long recessed lights illuminated the black tile lobby floors.

Dust control and filter media over all returns on the floor.

 Due to color selection change, there was a delay on the carpet installation. It took designer (3) weeks to select a new sample so the lead time was compromised.

 Due to constructability issues with the panel design, there was minor delay manufacturing the panels and steel trim on the elevator lobby. (Duration effected)

HSU was in constant communication with Eastbanc throughout this time and all issues were worked out through change orders.