Smithers-aVANza bioanalytical services

  • Duration: 1 year & 1 month

  • Location: Gaithersburg, MD

  • Contract Value: $4,396,814

HSU was the prime contractor to project was a 22,880-sf interior build-out for the Smithers Avanza headquarters in Gaithersburg MD. Smithers-Avanza is a contract research organization with expertise in large molecule bioanalysis supporting pharmaceutical discovery through Phase IV clinical trials and offering pre-clinical toxicology and vaccine testing. 

The space consisted of highly-specialized scientific research laboratories, office space, and conference room.  This two-floor design project incorporated a large staircase that made collaboration easier for the client.  Four (4) distinct laboratory sections (Specimen Storage, Specimen Management, Bioassay, Open Lab) were designed for the Toxicology and Bioanalytical divisions and built-out in three (3) phases.   The Open Lab was itself comprised of an Isolation Lab and an Equipment Lab.

 The project was technically and logistically complex.  HSU tackled this scientific research project by phasing the laboratories, office space with a conference room, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing activities.  Exterior alterations included work on the roof, utilities, and stairs.

HSU demolished the existing space and built it out to create the specific laboratory environments.  Office areas and meeting rooms outside of the labs were constructed. The facility was partially occupied during Phase 1, during which vinyl flooring was installed throughout the expansion area.  

HSU designed, priced, fabricated and installed a rooftop screen enclosure, in compliance with Montgomery County’s ordinances. Heating/Cooling work was done in every room; the rooftop split-system A/C system distributed air conditioning throughout the entire facility. 32 heat pump cartridges and a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system were installed; each individual unit was paired with its own wall thermostat.

Eight (8) freezers with electrical system and an emergency generator were installed.  Multiple sets of self-closing wooden and glass doors with access control locks were installed. While no windows were installed, HSU did install approximately 50 rolling shades. Five (5) handwashing sinks and four (4) eyewash showers were installed throughout the newly constructed area.