lurn center headquarters renovation

  • Duration: 4 months

  • Location: 2098 Gaither Road, Gaithersburg, MD

  • Owner: Lurn Entrepreneurial Center

  • Contract Value: Exceeds $1 million

  • Size: 22,266 sf

HSU was the Prime Contractor in this Design-Bid-Build project for the Lurn Entrepreneurial Center. The renovation included Huddle Rooms, Conference Areas, Recording Studio, Stress-Relieving Rooms, and Lecture-Style Classrooms. This facility operates day and night to host community events and seminars; in addition to daily coaching and learning sessions. Private offices, event space, an idea room with all white-board walls, a kitchen and dining area, gym, ping-pong table, and even a nap room captures the center’s high-tech design and entrepreneurial spirit in this modern, forward-looking facility.

The first phase of this project was the demolition of the 22,266 square foot facility. HSU demolished the existing shower room, stalls, and all components of the shower to include: the drain, grab bars, tiles, sloping of floor. We salvaged all of the existing solid doors with lever hardware for re-use. The complete renovation took the building down to its shell.

The HSU team propped up new drywall frames where new walls would be placed. As the drywall framing was taking place, the electricians and mechanical subcontractors worked simultaneously. HSU ensured all electrical wiring was turned off before the work commenced, to ensure project safety. We ran new conduits through the drywall and installed new pipes for the new plumbing. Walls were hung on both sides so that finishings, including carpenting, painting, outlet installation, window shades, flooring tiles, and cabinets could be completed.

HSU ran electricity through the ceiling—the entire mechanical system and plumbing throughout the facility were demolished and replaced. An extensive speaker system was installed throughout the entire facility. A tablet in the center office controls the messages that will be broadcast throughout the building. A tablet is also located outside of each conference room, which identifies room reservation and scheduling.

HSU supplied roofing for the Lurn Center by installing one new Roof Top Unit. Unit heaters and CRAC units were replaced with new equipment. The new Roof Top Unit had a 24-inch Plenum Curve which allowed the air flow to pass through without ductwork needing to be installed.

We installed an ADA Compliant ramp to the stage and new handrails to accommodate guests. The breakroom was also updated with new appliances including: Kitchen sinks, dishwasher, fridge, and microwave ovens. Numerous light fixtures were installed throughout the facility such as ceiling lights, hanging fixtures, strip lighting, and under counter lighting. Five (5) fans and four (4) electric duct heaters were installed.

HSU patched all floors, as required, to restore concrete flooring. All surfaces were patched to match adjacent surfaces in a suitable manner for finishes to be applied. Any partition within wet areas were coated with water resistant gypsum wallboard to prevent slipperiness. All interior perimeter millions, components, and walls along the perimeter were patched, painted, and restored to new condition. HSU ensured that all the sills were undamaged and painted all the perimeters and existing walls. Frames were supplied around existing ductwork at walls to decks and grid break partitions. Sound-lined transfer ducts were provided in all rooms with slab-to-slab partitions for return air.

Fire egress was provided—all doors with locksets complied with ANSI 117. HSU installed fire treated wood blocking or metal blocking walls for the secure installation of all millwork, doors, windows, and accessories. Three (3) new water source heat pumps for geothermal applications were installed.

As the project was coming to a close, the final furnishes were installed like a coat rack, corkboard wall, and window shades.