HSU has a complete understanding of all aspects of the design-build process and the proven ability to successfully deliver projects that meet the clients’ goals.  HSU’s design-build portfolio includes notable projects at the National Zoo, the White House, the Pentagon, the Alexandria Courthouse, Fort Meade, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Based upon comprehensive knowledge of the development, design, and construction industries, coupled with long-standing relationship with premier local and national design firms, HSU offers its clients the ability to formulate a design-build team that is specially built to meet the specific requirement of their project.  As both a Construction Manager and General Contractor, HSU is able to provide the following services to clients:

Pre-Project Preparation

HSU’s services include the compilation of the bid documents, facilitation of the bid process amongst reputable subcontractors, preparation of pricing quotes, back-up documentation and alternate pricing to provide a complete and thorough cost proposal.

Coordination of Subcontracted Trades

This process allows HSU to oversee the work of the subcontractors and assist in their mutual coordination, including all testing and inspection agencies, specialty vendors and suppliers.

Project Coordination

HSU has successfully established procedures for coordination among the Owner, Architect/Engineer, and Consultants with respect to all aspects of a project.

Project Schedule

HSU will formulate and then monitor the schedule as construction progresses and take all the necessary steps to ensure that the project meets all scheduled completion dates.  HSU’s constant monitoring of the project schedule allows it to immediately identify potential changes between scheduled and probable completion dates. This, in turn, allows the company to make recommendations to the Owner on possible corrective actions.  Once these options have been reviewed, HSU will assist in the implementation of these actions.

Monitoring of Long Lead Items

HSU will monitor the delivery schedule of any lead items purchased by the Owner and help facilitate any necessary courses of action to rectify potential delays in the delivery of these items.

Implementation of Safety Program

At all times, HSU implements and maintains an overall comprehensive safety program that is in compliance with both OSHA regulations and industry standard construction practices.

Quality Assurance

HSU provides constant inspection of all work to ensure that the work completed and the materials provided meet or exceed the contract drawings and specifications.  Upon project completion, HSU will work with the Owner in the preparation of all punch lists for the Owner's final inspection.

On-Site Supervision/ Daily Work Reports

HSU maintains a strict policy of daily written reports on site during each phase of construction.  Upon request, HSU will submit written reports to the Owner at pre-determined intervals to summarize job progress, projected schedule, invoices/payments, and job cost data.

Project Close-Out

At the completion of any project, HSU works directly with the Owner and/or their maintenance personnel to provide complete testing and inspection of utility systems and operation of all mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems and equipment.  HSU will assist in their start-up and furnish the Owner with all warranties, guarantees, and Operation & Maintenance Manuals.

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