• Duration: 9 months

  • Location: The Pentagon, Arlington, VA

  • Owner: Washington Headquarters Services

  • Size: 32,000 sf

  • Received the 2011 AGC Design-Build Award

Working with the design firm Lukmire Partnership, HSU completed this award-winning 32,000 square foot design-build project, located at multiple locations within the Pentagon, while complying with the stringent Universal Space Plan (USP) and specific Tenant requirements.

The project scope included demolition, MEP, IT and Communications systems, custom systems furniture and complete tenant fit-out. Multiple trades were managed in 12 different areas on two floors and required coordination with users of adjoining occupied space. The efforts of the HSU/Lukmire team was undoubtedly appreciated and recognized by the representatives from the Pentagon, with numerous commendations for their excellent work.

The final look of the clean, simple, finished space is misleading; the team overcame significant challenges to create this uniform, functional space, all while meeting the Pentagon’s stringent Universal Space Plan requirements. The HSU/Lukmire team is very experienced in the requirements of the design process. At the beginning of the project, the team was provided with ten simple hand-drawn rough sketches. And over the course of design phase, working closely with all of the relevant stakeholders, the “simple” design/build tenant space translated into a detailed 70-page construction document set.

In order to meet the USP requirement to “upgrade the Pentagon into a modern, flexible, and safe environment that will endure well into the 21st century,” the design created by the Lukmire Partnership incorporated Inscape™ products is as required by the SOW. These custom “Smart” and “Academic” wall panels are state-of-the-art, intelligent design components.

The Smart Walls were used to configure work areas and all electrical and communication wiring and cabling was neatly and discretely contained inside. Each work station has independent access to its unique electrical and IT requirements. Each panel, however, is movable and completely independent of the others. This design option allows the ever changing space/layout requirements to be made simply and at much less cost and disruption. The final product is highly efficient and user friendly.