1601 K Street Stair Infill

The goal of this project was to demolish one level of an existing convince and provide an infill of the existing opening on the 3rd to allow the existing tenant to sublease the floor below. The requirements were to meet the structural requirements and match the existing bottom of the staircase on the 2nd floor (to be demolished) and recreate it on the 3rd floor. This project included demolition, fireproofing, structural support/ironwork, concrete, drywall, stone flooring, and painting.

HSU was the Prime Contractor in this Design-Bid-Build project for the K Street Stair Infill. We provided plastic to enclose the entire stairwell and a temporary wall around it to keep the dust contained. We provided a very detailed handrail modification to the existing handrail that matches the mirror-polished finish and runs all the way up continuously.

HSU removed the existing stair, including continuous steel stringers and concrete treads with tile overlay by cutting each section in half and supporting them with scaffolding. We also repaired drywall and the base and installed tile with a modified glass rail.

  • Duration: October 2018 - December 2018

  • Location: Washington, DC

  • Owner: Property Group Partners

  • Contract Amount: $200,000+